Sunday, January 2, 2011

Where heroes are born and legends are made

But First things First, i wish you all a happy new-year.
For some 2010 has been wonderful, for others a year with ups and downs. One thing is for sure 2011 is destined to be good! So let’s put our shoulders under it and blast off.
I’ve made my new year’s resolutions, but better to keep them for myself since they tend not to come true when I pronounce them out loud :p

Last Wednesday me and some friends went out for a MTB ride at Kluisbergen. What’s the big deal you would think? It’s “flat”, it was cold, snow & mud… well when driving over I recalled myself the hours I spent riding these roads.
The small, narrow, crappy concrete roads making my way to the hills nearby. Hills I disliked, hills I had to do several times during that training. At the time I did not feel the myth, only wind and leg cramps…
Coming back to these training grounds made me think of the great races that pass there every year, the thousands of people cheering, yelling. On these hills and pave sections the finale of the tour the Flanders starts, this is where they throw the first card on the table and men are separated from the boys.
During training camp of the Vacansoleil-DCM team I asked Stijn Devolder “aren’t you tires of riding those roads over and over again??” “Nah, are you crazy, there is nothing I love more than riding these races”
When struggling your way up the Oude - Kwaremont/Paterberg/… ,even on a mountainbike, I have to admit having a big grin on the face. Being able to shift that one gear up, quicken the pedal stroke and gently squeeze the force out of your competitors on these cobbles…
This mythical place will once again be the playground for those 2wheeled gladiators in spring.

Till next time!

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