Friday, November 26, 2010

Vacansoleil Team Helium

Here it is folks - the Vacansleil-DCM Ridley Helium. We literally stole this bike from the mechanic's stand so that we could get a nice studio shot to share with the world.
Extra special thanks go out to our technical partners:
Fast Forward wheels
Rotor cranks and bottom bracket
SRAM drivetrain
Selle San Marco saddle
Jagwire cables and housing
Look pedals
Vredestein tires
Tacx cage and bidon
Deda Elementi bar and stem
Lizardskins bar tape
4ZA forks
BBB helmets and eyewear
KMC chains

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Vacansoleil Visit

Big day at Ridley World Headquarters today - Vacansoleil riders stopped in for bike fittings and technical partner orientation. It's always fun to spend time with the upper crust of the cycling world be it athletes and directors or bike builders and parts manufacturers. Our new partners like Rotor, SRAM, Vredestein, Fast Forward, 4ZA all showed off the latest and greatest products that were outfitting the new Vaca team Heliums frames. It's off to team camp in Spain next month and then to Australia for Tour Down Under.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

A new addition to the family

Introducing...*drum roll*

Ridley the dog!

Ridley is just 8 weeks old and learning to ride with training wheels. It won't be long until he tries his first triathlon as mummy and daddy (Neil, our tri-guy at QBP our US distributor) are keen triathletes.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Ridley Ignite Team wint Crocodile Trophee

Christof Mariën heeft in de nadagen van zijn fietscarrière de Crocodile Trophee op zijn naam geschreven. Hij finishte met zijn Ridley Ignite Team op de eerste plaats in het algemeen klassement in de category M1, dit resulteerde in een 8ste plaats overall net achter Jan Kirsipuu (ook op een Ridley Ignite Team) . Lees hieronder de commentaar van Christof over onze Ignite Team.

"De Ridley Ignite team waar ik mee reed was echt super! Het parcours is echt wel ruw en veeleisend voor je fiets en ik heb met mijn Ignite team totaal géén probleem gehad! Het was trouwens bijna de enige carbonkader die niet is gescheurd of gebroken! En dat wil toch wel wat zeggen in zo’n race en bovendien ben ik ook niet van de lichtste… Trouwens Jan Kirsipuu, de sprinter van AG2R van weleer reed met identiek dezelfde fiets rond! Ik raad je zo’n fiets echt aan!"

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Ridley Japan's take on Cycle Mode

Hi All,

Just a quick update as I've just landed in Seoul and my room-service pizza has just arrived. Life on the road is glamorous ;)

Check out this link for Ridley Japan's take on Osaka Cycle Mode

A big arigato to Masa-san, Nao-san and Moto-san for all of their help this week and for doing such a stellar job of Ridley in Japan.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Big in Japan

It's truly a great thing being part of a global program like Ridley. We have amazing distributors and dealers all around the globe all doing an amazing job of representing BELGIUM. The Cycle Mode show is this weekend in Osaka Japan where our distributors JP Sports are showing the latest range to the Japanese cycling public.
You know you're experiencing something unique when you see people sprinting across the trade show floor in order to be the first in line to try out the latest and greatest. Ridley had a tidy demo fleet of five bikes on hand for the folks to ride - these five bikes were tested in excess of five hundred times on the Saturday opening day of the show. 500 test rides in less than 7 hours! There was a constant line-up at the booth with no fewer than ten people patiently awaiting their turn.
Needless to say, the non-Japanese amongst the Ridley crew were amazed and excited about the response to the brand as well as the overall orderliness of the lines, rides, testing and vibe of the show.