Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Noah FAST - The Winner of Expo-Bici Technical Award 2011

The Ridley Noah FAST has been declared, last Friday the winner of the prestigious Expo-Bicitech Innovation Award, for the "Road" category.
The members of the jury (journalists, engineers, cyclists, shops) awarded the trophy to the groundbreaking and revolutionary FAST-concept of Ridley Bikes.

Once again, an important recognition to our company, that has always made of "innovation" its main goal, becoming the pioneer, almost 10 years ago, with tapered, oversized head-tubes, that, later became a market standard; applying aerodynamics in cycling, 5-6 years ago and bringing it now to an extreme level, with the F.A.S.T. (Future Aero Speed Technology) Project, of which the Noah is only the first masterpiece.

Winning this award in Italy, a country where road cycling has always been so important and famous bicycle brands have made up the history of the road bicycle, makes everyone even prouder, at Ridley.
Ridley, the first and only brand in the bike industry to feature a real integrated brake. Do you want to discover more ? Visit : www.fast-concept.com

The Ridley Noah FAST bike will be at display in the winners booth of the award for the whole duration of the Expo Bici Show (24/09-26/09).
Visit Ridley Bikes, at Expo Bici Padua Show, hall #8, booth #F164. "Noah FAST, winner of the 2012 Expo-Bici Innovation Award".


  1. Probably the most advanced bike on the market especially with the concept of integrated brakes in the frame part or fork, and the paint ... high tech feature. We can't wait to get our hands on this bike to feel how the brakes works. My guess is that with such features, you need top notch components in order to get advantage of the paint and the brake system. Also, an excellent elite cyclist to get high speed (above 40 or 50 kph). Congratulation to this Belgian innovative company.

  2. La bici Ridley Noah VELOCE sarĂ  a display nella cabina di vincitori del premio per l'intera durata dell'Expo Bici Mostra