Friday, March 4, 2011

February Racing and trade showing

Asian Championships
The Asian Championships wrapped up in Thailand at the end of February with a huge medal haul for Ridley riding athletes.

The Ridley supported Iranian team secured two gold medals with Rajablou on the Arena in the Points Race and Kolahdooz riding the Dean in the Junior Individual Time Trial. Additionally Rajablou placed second in the Madison also aboard the Arena and Asgari received a pair of Bronze medals in the Road Race and the Individual Time Trial.

Tour of Kerman

At the first international tour of 2011 in Iran - Tour of Kerma - Mehdi Sohrabi of the Ridley sponsored TPI team aboard his Noah managed to win all 5 stages of the tour and of course the yellow Jersey - a 1st in the Iranian tour history! The Green Jersey was won by TPI teammate Hossein Nateghi also on his Noah

QBP Frostbike

Our US distributor QBP hosted its annual open house and defacto trade show in Minneapolis, MN. Ridley staked claim to the “Northwest Territory” by far and away the largest booth space in the show and some of the busiest realty throughout the weekend. On show were all the 2012 cyclocross bikes complete with new technology and fancy new paint schemes. The large Vlaamse Leuw backdrop shouted “WE ARE BELGIUM” to the gathered bike fans, shop owners and industry stalwarts while also providing a convenient meeting point (overheard “meet me at the Belgian lion”). Season pre-orders were brisk and plentiful as stocking dealers loaded up for a much-anticipated selling season. The Flandrien collection was a strong seller while the Customizer drew a huge amount of attention. The conversation soon turned to the weather as a true North American blizzard trucked its way into MPLS dumping over a foot of fresh snow and shutting down the airport.

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  1. Wow! No idea that cycling was so big in Iran, or that the track team is so strong. They must be pretty close to the Malaysians in strength. It's great to hear about track bikes, and not only road / cyclocross, as well as see Ridley taking an interest in other parts of the world. Keep it up!