Wednesday, March 9, 2011

UCI Asia Tour 2011

Racing season in Asia is well on its way and by the look of it the 2010 UCI Asia Tour champion Mehdi Sohrabi of TPT has no intention of parting with the yellow jersey in 2011 either. Having won all 5 stages of Tour of Kerman he was quick to get back in yellow by winning stage 1 of Tour of Jelajah Malaysia on his Noah after driving a 60km breakaway that was timed to perfection.


  1. How old is this rider? He looks as though he's in his thirties. He's obviouslh the main man out there, but when will an "Asian" rider emerge and break into the bigtime? The talent is obviously there.

  2. Asian cyclists are certainly closing the gap both on road and track. Sohrabi and his team mates from TPT will be competing at the 41st Settimana Ciclistica Lombarda which starts on 28th August 2011 against pro teams so it will be a good opportunity for them to show their ability.