Friday, July 1, 2011

Hello from Budapest!

Today I have received a great picture from my friend and dealer in Hungary - Markus. I like it so much, that I decide to post it on blog. In this great picture you can see his team of triathletes, which, I think looks fantastic on the background of the impressive Parliament building and the longest European river - Danube.

I ask Markus to tell me more about his team, and here's a brief description:
"It’s an amateur triathlon team, but with quite good results. 2 age groupers at the Hawaiian Ironman WCH last year, and a lot of Hungarian Age group championship titles (last one belongs to Markus, who won it last Saturday, on half distance Ironman - Congratulations!).
Our best male athlete is Top 3 overall in Hungarian Longdistance Championship. Of course, he rides a Dean."

If you want to say Hello to Markus when you visit Hungary, most of time you will find him in his shop - ProAtlhon, located in heart of Budapest. Otherwise he's on trainings :)

Now, I'll let you enjoy the picture and the upcoming week-end. Cheers!

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